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The WSICE 2020 in the New World

Undeterred by the current rage of Covid-19 and its attendant disruption of the social order, the Wole Soyinka International Cultural Exchange, (WSICE) is set to hold its annual programme which usually coincides with the celebration of the birthday anniversary of an illustrious son of Africa and global citizen, Oluwole Akinwande Soyinka; the poet, dramatist and scholar, who is the 1986 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Every year for three days, the events of the WSICE are held across Nigeria and other parts of the world with a live essay competition that draws participation from students of secondary schools and tertiary institutions; a cultural advocacy session; lectures, and symposium on humanity as well as poetry and theatrical performances.

This year, due to the peculiar circumstances of the pandemic, the WSICE will not be able to hold in a physical setting; but as is becoming the new normal, we will be operating in the digital space.

This year 2020, our events will run for three days – July 12 – 14.

Preparations are on to ensure that the events command quality attention, and meet the same international standards that have earned the WSICE global respect in its over a decade existence.

WSICE 2020 Theme

The theme for the year’s project is: I AM because YOU ARE, which is drawn from UBUNTU, the Southern African philosophy which epitomises the principle of shared values that ensures the sustenance and survival of the human family. The theme is inspired by observed factors and motives behind the responses of people and governments across the world to the challenges pushed forward by the rage of the pandemic. In particular, the obvious interdependence of our collective humanity has been brought to the fore in the way people and States have risen to support others experiencing the dire effects of the pandemic.

Advocacy Lecture & Conversation

The main programme item, the Advocacy will run for two days, and will focus on the topic: Pandemic: Pursuit of individual Happiness and our common Humanity.

The first day will feature the main conference paper by Prof Lily Cheng of Chinese Cultural institute.

The second day will have three respondents and a lead paper HUMANITY AFTER THE PANDEMIC in addition to five other contributing papers to be presented by eminent culture researchers and scholars from Trinidad & Tobago, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, United States of America, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom.

Fostering unity among mankind regardless of nationality, ethnicity and religion.

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